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@wesleystromberg: “Up all night writing songs #TeamNoSleep”

It gets me when Wesley wears his own band merch
Anonymous: You really don't need to lose weight.. But this is what I've been doing to get healthy again: 1. Drink water. No soda or anything like that. Only occasional juice. 2. No snacks during the day 3. Drink almond milk instead of normal milk 4. Just try to eat as healthy as possible 5. Try the couch to 5k challenge:) it's super easy and good to get back into shape. So that's what I've been doing You're beautiful though. Don't worry about weight:) <3

Thank you thank you I will DEFINITELY refer to these tips you are bae

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Anonymous: You don't need to lose weight you're so fucking beautiful omg

thank you aww but like I don’t think I’m ugly or anything it’s not that I just I know I’m overweight and I want to not be…it’s literally the only insecurity I have and it takes over my whole fucking life

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